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CELL with a transition metal can catch NE


A team of researchers for the first time were able to observe the interaction between the inert gas neon and a transition metal. Their unexpected discovery provides new opportunities for trapping an inert gas, and possibly its lighter relative - helium. Neon (orange) within the pores NiMOF-74 ...

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Disappointing NEWS VEYPEROV


As the results of new research conducted at the National Laboratory. Lawrence Berkeley, in the vapor of electronic cigarettes are found not only carcinogenic acrolein and formaldehyde, but also under suspicion of carcinogenicity of propylene oxide and glycidol. It was found that the thermal d ...

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ELEMENTS 15 groups have joined in the chain


One of the professional entertainment available inorganic chemists and chemists Elementoorganika, is an attempt to find out what else is new and interesting things you can create with the elements of the periodic system. For Alexander Hinz from Oxford and Axel Schulz Alexander Villingerom wit ...

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